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Heat Pump Installation in Kamloops

Is your heat pump nearing the end of its life? Are you fed up with having to call for repairs all the time? Or perhaps you’re ready to take a big step up from your old window unit AC? KVA Mechanical is the business to call whether you’re fixing an old heat pump or installing a new one. For more than 50 years, we’ve been installing and replacing heat pumps in Thompson-Nicola, so you can count on us for all of your heat pump needs!

Is Heat Pump Installation Right For Your Kamloops Home?

Heat pumps are among the most energy-efficient heating and cooling systems available, and they operate well in the climates we experience here in Kamloops. A heat pump is the HVAC system for you if you want a compact, reliable, and dual-functioning system.

The following are some of the advantages of installing a heat pump:

  • Heating and cooling are available all year.
  • Traditional air conditioning and heating devices do not offer the same level of energy efficiency.
  • Heat pumps employ existing heat in the air rather than generating heat and cool air, resulting in lower fuel expenses.
  • Heat pumps are more compact than other types of HVAC systems, therefore they save room.
  • Fewer repairs are required because the machine is never left idle for months at a time.
  • And there’s more!

Should You Replace Your Heat Pump in Thompson-Nicola?

You’re not alone if you’re unsure whether you need a new heat pump. It’s especially perplexing if you inherited it when you moved into a new home. It’s recommended to have a professional come out and inspect your heat pump if you know it’s at least 12 years old. As a rule of thumb, the average heat pump lasts 14–15 years.

People install new heat pumps for a variety of reasons, one of which is to save money on their heating expenses in the long run. Because the Department of Energy’s criteria have changed, older heat pumps are likely to be less efficient than newer ones. A new heat pump will almost certainly have a higher energy efficiency than an older one.

To learn more about heat pump installation in Thompson-Nicola, contact KVA Mechanical today! 

When Should I Replace My Heat Pump in Kamloops?

Your heat pump should be replaced every 14 years or when any of the following indicators appear:

  • Every season needs several repairs. If you need more than two repairs per year, it’s clear that your heat pump needs to be replaced. Even if you’ve had repairs in the last two years, you should think about upgrading or installing a new heat pump.
  • Your cooling and heating costs are increasing. Despite the fact that fuel prices are gradually growing year after year, your energy expenditures should not increase significantly. If you observe a significant rise, it’s time to replace your heat pump.
  • It’s still hot or cold in your house. If your home never appears to be cold or warm enough, you may need to replace your filters or install a new system.
  • The air quality has deteriorated. It’s possible that your heat pump is to blame if the air quality in your home has deteriorated.

We see a lot of people in the Thompson-Nicola region make the mistake of putting off replacing their heat pump and instead relying on maintenance. When you do that, you’re actually losing money!

Heat Pump Replacement in Kamloops & Surrounding Areas

Heat pumps can last anywhere from 10 to 12 years, depending on how often they are serviced. Even well-maintained heat pumps, however, eventually fail. This means you’ll need to find a reputable, professional HVAC firm in your area to replace your heat pump system when the time comes.

The HVAC professionals at KVA Mechanical are here to make sure your house is comfortable all year. We can help you with regular heat pump maintenance and heat pump replacement. We will use our expertise to assist you in selecting the best new system for your home as well as your needs. Then we’ll do a quick, professional installation so you can rest easy knowing that your home’s climate management system will last for years to come.

KVA Mechanical is also available for emergency repair services in Kamloops and beyond.

Heat Pump Installation in Thompson-Nicola

When looking for a new heat pump, consider your monthly bills, the age of your current heat pump, and how reliable the unit is. If it’s evident that your heat pump is nearing the end of its useful life, save yourself the trouble of paying for ongoing maintenance and get a new heat pump instead—you’ll need one eventually, and the sooner you act, the more money you’ll save!

Do you require heat pump air conditioning service? Get a price on a new heat pump in the greater Kamloops region by calling the team at KVA Mechanical today!

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    Outstanding service and great product.
    Had a Gree heat pump system installed by KVA about two years ago. The benefits of literally having a zero carbon footprint as far as household energy consumption (no fossil fuel!) has been tremendous.
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    Even the electrical consumption is low!
    KVA’s prompt installation and follow up on any questions was constantly available. Always helpful with any inquiries. Coupled with convenient financing, it only made sense to get on the heat pump trend.
    I would highly recommend KVA for any of their services.
    Tom Allen

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