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Why Install a Whole House Water Filtration System?

There’s nothing like taking a sip of cool, clean water straight from your home’s tap. That’s why the plumbers at KVA Mechanical offer a selection of water purification systems for Kamloops and area homes. Our cutting-edge drinking water filtering systems are designed to eliminate chlorine and hazardous minerals. Clean water out of the tap is a great way to remain healthy, save money, and reduce your family’s environmental imprint by using less plastic. These days, having clean, drinkable water at home does not have to be expensive. Our experts know just the filters and systems you’ll need!

Nothing is more crucial than having clean, refreshing water available in your home. KVA Mechanical specializes in assisting our customers in obtaining this precious resource. A whole-house water filter can accomplish everything from improving the appearance of your skin to changing the flavor of your morning cup of coffee. We are water professionals who install the solutions you need to have clean water daily.

Once you’ve had a whole house water filtration system installed by the professionals at KVA Mechanical, you’ll wonder how you ever lived your life without one! Not only will you save money by not buying bottled water, but your skin and hair will feel softer and healthier as well. Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about ingesting harmful chemicals or minerals. In just a single afternoon, your whole-house water filter will improve various aspects of your life at the same time. Whole house water filters are an excellent investment for your health, wellbeing, and peace of mind. Our Kamloops water filtration specialists are ready to guide you through every step of the process, so you’ll be completely satisfied with the results.

Water Filtration Services For Your Home

Water analysis

Troubleshooting water quality issues

Water softener installation and maintenance

Water filter installation and maintenance

Reverse osmosis

Carbon filtration

Iron filtration

Cartridge filtration


Chlorine injection

Micro plastics filtration

PFAS filtration

UV filtration

Urban & Rural Water Treatment

Whether you’re in an urban area or a rural area, KVA Mechanical can help. We offer a variety of services for both urban and rural water treatment, including:

Rural, Well, and Farm water treatment

Urban water treatment (water from a public water supply)

Water softeners

Filter replacement

Certified installers

Annual service

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KVA Mech Water Purification system